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Ear Nose Throat (ENT)

What Can Abnormalities in Tastes and Smells Tell You About Diseases?

Sense of smell and taste brings great pleasure. Both help us to enjoy food and the pleasant fragrances around us, such as flowers, coffee, and other fresh scents. But, the sense of taste and smell can also protect us, providing a safety precaution from harmful things like gas leaks or fire. Abnormalities in taste and smell can also indicate the existence of diseases or problematic conditions. The loss of the sense of smell is known… Read More »

Could It Be Swimmer’s Ear?

Otitis externa, or swimmers ear, is a painful condition impacting the outer ear. Pain results from inflammation, irritation, and the spread of bacteria or fungal organisms leading to infection. The condition often affects swimmers and has been appropriately named as a result. Increased moisture locked in the ear canal, often occurring from swimming, baths, or showers, may lead to infection. When the water is trapped within the ear canal, the environment is optimal for bacteria… Read More »