Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Allergy and Asthma Services

  • Rhinitis – evaluation, allergy testing and immunotherapy
  • Asthma – evaluation, allergy testing, immunotherapy and for moderate to severe asthmatics – Xolair
  • Food Allergy – evaluation, skin testing and possible oral challenge
  • Eczema – evaluation, skin testing and treatment options
  • Metal Allergy – evaluation and patch testing (stents, orthopedics, etc.)
  • Insect Hypersensitivity – evaluation, skin testing and immunotherapy
  • Drug Allergies – evaluation, skin testing for Penicillin/anesthetics/vaccines, oral challenges, and desensitization’s (ASA, NSAIDS, PCN, Bactrim, Allopurinol, etc.)
  • Hives (acute/chronic) – evaluation, skin testing, blood testing, etc.
  • Immunodeficiency – evaluation and treatment
  • Anaphylaxis Syndromes – evaluation and treatment
  • Latex Allergy – evaluation and treatment
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis – evaluation and skin testing (both scratch and patch testing)
  • Chronic Cough – evaluation and treatment recommendations
  • Sinusitis (acute/chronic)