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Weight Loss Groups – Supportive and Effective

Research shows that attending a weight loss group provides the most effective environment to learn, succeed, and lose weight. The purpose of a supportive weight loss group is similar to any other support group. It is a gathering of people who are going through the same issues you are going through and desiring a similar goal. In this case – weight loss.

Losing weight can be difficult, especially when undergoing the process alone. Sticking to the program, following through with exercise, and keeping the weight off can be a difficult task. But, a supportive weight loss group offers many advantages.

Strong Support System

Having the backing of a strong support system while losing weight is key to success. A solid weight loss group provides members who have similar experiences and struggles that you do. The support group agenda is set with one goal in mind – to help you succeed. Groups are structured and highly effective in implementing a safe place to communicate and share problems you face throughout the weight loss struggle. The group helps keep your mind focused on the goal, providing little wiggle room for slip-ups and off course struggles. A strong support system is highly effective in losing weight and keeping the weight off.

Relief from Stress

Stress may build during the weight loss process. Studies show that people who experience stress in their everyday life have trouble losing weight or keeping it off. The interaction with others who have a common weight loss goal is critical to relieving stress and anxiety associated with losing weight. When you know you are not alone, you are able to cope with the process positively. Research studies conclude that people who attend a weight loss group tend to have decreased levels of cortisol (the stress associated hormone) in their system.

Effective Strategies and Planning

Weight loss groups promote planning and strategy by offering exercise routines and stress relief techniques. There is also assistance with goal setting and weight loss planning. Advice on losing weight, preparing healthy meals, and maintaining proper nutrition is instrumental in losing weight. Members of the support group share insight on techniques that work. The wealth of shared wisdom helps you in achieving your own personal goals.

Encouraging Reliability

Having a reliable person to count on when you feel weak is critical to maintaining weight loss. There may be times when you feel like giving up or giving in. Having a person to rely on during a bad week will give you the encouragement you need to keep moving forward. The weight loss support group meets regularly and routinely. The structured format keeps the meeting on task and moving in the direction of success. The group is available to listen to the problems and issues experienced throughout the week and propose effective strategies for overcoming those problems. A little encouragement from the group goes a long way.

While the key to losing weight is perseverance and hard work, a weight loss group offers a lot of benefits. For more information about a weight loss group contact Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals Center for Weight Management at 800-756-9890 and find out about the right group for you!