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Comprehensive Health Care Under One Roof

The Shelby Macomb Medical Mall (SMMM) offers patients unique access to medical practices with the widest array of services available to provide a one-stop environment of convenience.

With multiple services ranging from pulmonary, dentistry, pediatrics and podiatry to neurology, oncology, and family practice, the health care services are vast and all under one roof. In addition, a pharmacy, complete lab service, and imaging are also here to make your visit that much simpler.

The staff and doctors of SMMM are committed to providing comprehensive health care in a comfortable office setting. The facility is extremely accessible with extensive parking in front and back of the building. Once inside, you will notice the marble floors and spacious atrium with elevators to provide easy access to your medical professional. After your appointment, complete lab and diagnostic services along with MRI and CAT scan services are available on the premise.

You will soon find the Shelby Macomb Medical Mall to be the one stop for the health of your family, friends, and neighbors.

Medical professionals from a variety of industries all work within the Shelby Macomb Medical Mall to provide you with added comfort and convenience. There’s no longer a need to travel great distances for specialty care. From family practice and cardiology to dermatology, you can find what you need right here in one building.

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50505 Schoenherr Road
Shelby Township, MI 48315