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Health care for people of all ages and virtually any condition is available within one building, providing patients with added convenience, comfort, unrivaled expertise, and greater peace of mind.


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When all your health care professionals are in one building, communication is improved and time is saved. Doctors for nearly every aspect of the mind and body are available in one location, so you never have to look elsewhere for the best care.

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The Healthy Journal

Myths about Pneumonia: Debunking the Tales

“Don’t go out without a coat. You’ll get pneumonia.” “Don’t stand next to an open window. You’ll get pneumonia.” “Don’t go out with your hair wet. You’ll get pneumonia.” Are any of the myths about pneumonia true? Or were they all just ways for our ancestors to scare...

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Defined: Causes and Treatment Options

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition many of us hear about frequently, but rarely understand completely. While CTS is blamed for a variety of other conditions, a proper diagnosis is critical for treatment. Defining Carpal Tunnel Syndrome The words “carpal tunnel”...

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Weight Management Seminars

Want to lose 20, 40, even 100 pounds or more? Want to lower medications and improve health? A lifestyle program is the prescription. All programs provide an intensive lifestyle intervention approach through health coaching and weekly support. Learn which option is...