For generations, both men and women accepted hair loss as an inevitable, irrevertible fact of life. In recent decades, several effective solutions have been created to restore or grow hair, which include lotions, medications, and surgical procedures.

Today, the ARTAS 9x is one of the most advanced hair restoration technologies available. Dr. Ali Berry, who has an office here at the Shelby Macomb Medical Mall, is one of the exclusive providers of this hair transplantation technology in the greater Detroit area.

With its advanced digital imaging, this robotic technology scans, tracks and grades each hair follicle, selecting only the optimal hairs for transplantation. With its artificial intelligence, the robot minimizes wounds and uses microscopic precision to transplant hairs. This process delivers robust grafts and produces a very natural looking result, allowing your hair to be cut and styled any way you wish.

Here’s how it works, based on details found on the Artas website.

The ARTAS 9x hair restoration technology is one of the most advanced hair transplant systems available. This picture shows hair follicles being saved for implantation.

During a hair transplant using the ARTAS 9x, hair is harvested and then transplanted into the thinning areas.

  1. The high-definition, stereoscopic vision system uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and select the best hair follicles for harvesting.
  2. Hair is harvested to preserve the natural look of the donor area.
  3. A customized hairline is designed for optimal site distribution for harvested hair follicles.
  4. Hair is transplanted robotically or manually into the thinning areas.
  5. Natural-looking and permanent hair growth starts about six months later, and it continues over time.

The procedure does not require stitches, and it does not leave a linear scar, making your hair restoration virtually undetectable.

Since 1974, the doctors of The Hair Restoration Specialists practice have helped thousands of individuals from their late teens to their early 80s by restoring their hair. For more information about using the ARTAS 9x hair restoration technology, make an appointment to see Dr. Berry by calling (248) 353-1117.