Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition many of us hear about frequently, but rarely understand completely. While CTS is blamed for a variety of other conditions, a proper diagnosis is critical for treatment.

Defining Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The words “carpal tunnel” describe a space in the wrist where tendons and the median nerve pass from the arm into the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is pressure and swelling in this “tunnel” and the median nerve.

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms include tingling, numbness, a weaker grip, a tendency to drop things, and pain.

Possible causes of CTS include rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid conditions, pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, and prior injuries.

CTS Treatment and Prevention

Some ways to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or minimize it include using proper posture when typing, using ergonomic keyboards, and using braces when participating in activities that require repetitive use of your wrists, such as manual labor jobs. Stretching your hands and wrists regularly when participating in such tasks can help as well.

In addition to frequent breaks and minimizing pressure on the wrists, carpal tunnel syndrome treatments include using splints during sleep, steroid injections, and surgery.

“Many patients live with pain in their hands and wrists because they don’t realize there are effective solutions,” said Dr. Jeremy Ciullo of Michigan Surgery Specialists. “That’s definitely not the case. There are several remedies that can reduce pain and stiffness in the hands. A proper diagnosis is the first step in alleviating these symptoms.”

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